Saturday, 17 June 2017


Heres a lovely photo of Samuel and his mum on Whanau day.  Don't think it was posted before.

Saturday, 10 June 2017


More photos


Pictures taken by Mikayla's mum


We had a fantastic time at MOTAT learning about simple machines and having a tram ride.  The jail was very popular!

Happy Sixth Birthday Amelia

Amelia turned 6 and got to spend the day at MOTAT!

Samoan Language Week with Mr Tomokino.

Mr Tomokino invited Samoan students to learn about Samoan cooking with the help of his mum.

Learning about facts.

The Galaxy group have been learning to find facts in their reading books. They read "The Honey Bees" and made a pic collage using facts they learnt from the story.

Jacob's story

My paper plane went really fast. We saw a real plane it was big. I had to use lots of strength,it did a back flip in the sky. My paper plane did a circle loop the loop. My paper plane is cool.

Ty's story

Today we flew our air planes, paper air planes, I thrust my paper air plane into the sky. My air plane was very fast. My air plane was together with Haresh's air plane and then I saw my paper air plane.

Mikayla's story

Today we flew our paper planes and my plane went gliding like a real plane! My plane went fast. It went higher and higher and higher and Ahana's plane won. It went so,so,so,so,so fast!

Paper Plane stories. Aarav

Today we flew our aeroplanes. They were fast and cool. They went high in the sky. They went far. My one was upside down. Some were fast. Some were slow. My one did loop the loop. Some were thrust into the sky. My one was crooked.

paper planes

We have been writing instructional writing. We wrote instructions about how to make a paper plane. Then we made them and tested them out. Here are some photos.